Katrina Halili, lawyer submit new documents to NBI

THE camp of controversial actress Katrina Halili on Thursday went to the National Bureau of Investigation to submit additional documents as the investigation of the sex-video scandal that gave rise to Halili’s case versus Hayden Kho entered its second phase.
The second phase of the probe centers on determining who uploaded and distributed the video over the Internet.

Halili, accompanied by her lawyer Raymund Palad, submitted the documents to the bureau’s Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (AFCCD), which has yet to identify the person who uploaded the video.

Assistant Regional Director Vicente de Guzman 3rd, AFCCD chief, said that the bureau is still waiting for the information from the United States counterpart in uncovering Internet Protocol.

De Guzman said the bureau had already uncovered the administrator of the website and charges had been filed against them. But the person who gave the sex video to the website remains unknown. The person uses G-mail account, which is US -based. The Department of Justice has requested the US Justice Department to help trace the Internet Protocol address.

“So we are now waiting for the information,” he said.

Palad said that besides Kho, cosmetic surgeon Victoria Belo-Henares, Erick Johnston Chua, Dr. Mark Herbert Rosario and Princess Marie Velasco, the Justice department also asked the Investigation bureau to investigate four more persons to determine their participation in the case. They are Cris Arenas, Cedric Lee, Manuel Villaroman and Joey Umandap.

Halili maintained she wanted all the persons responsible for the uploading and distribution of the sex video to be prosecuted and convicted.

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